Uniqolabel’s Blockchain System is a distributed system built for any modern business that is horizontally integrated.  Uniqolabel blockchain not only provides flexibility and security provided by distributed ledgers systems, but also product security and authenticity. Available as standalone or can be integrated with Uniqolabel’s Authenticity verification, Loyalty Management, Track & Trace  and Warranty Management Solutions.

Hyperledger Blockchain

Uniqolabel’s Blockchain solution is available on Hyper ledger Blockchain


Completely customizable to match your use case

Public & Private

Available as both public and private blockchain

Stand Alone or Integrate Multiple Products

Can be used as a stand alone system or can be integrated with Uniqolabel’s Authenticity Verification,Loyalty Management, Warranty Management and Track and Trace System

Actionable Insights

Actionable insights generated from statistical and machine learning systems to help you be the best in the industry

Integrates into Packaging

Uniqolabel easily integrates into your packaging or product

Multiple Platforms

Available as Uniqolabel App, White Label App, or SDK on both Android and IOS platforms. Also available on Web.