Uniqolabel Secure is world’s most used and proven technology when it comes to fighting fakes. Used by more than 70+ Brands and having protected over 50 million products we have changed the way consumers now buy products.

Multi layered

Uniqolabel is a multi layered patented technology that uses multiple random and unique signatures that are 100% counterfeit proof. Even Uniqolabel cannot regenerate these fingerprints again. The elements are then converted to a simple label element which can be applied to your packaging. 

Tamper Evident

Uniqolabel labels are tamper evident and self destructible which renders them unusable on tamper.

Proprietary Computer Vision Algorithm

Uniqolabel labels are completely checked for the trueness when a consumer verifies using a proprietary computer vision algorithm

Instants Alerts

Brands get instant alerts and reports for all scans ensuring they have complete visibility of all activity

Actionable Insights

Actionable insights generated from statistical and machine learning systems to help you be the best in the industry

Integrates into Packaging

Uniqolabel easily integrates into your packaging or product.

Multiple Platforms

Available as Uniqolabel App, White Label App, or SDK on both Android and IOS platforms. Also available on Web.