Uniqolabel is a team of thinkers, doers and activists who are set out to make the world a better place. Fake products have affected lives of millions and a solution was needed to rid the world of this problem. Counterfeiting is known to fund a lot of bad stuff that goes out there, even stuff that has taken lives. Uniqolabel was started as a mission to make the world counterfeit free so that people get the things they deserve, not what is fake. We are always on a mission and always looking for great minds to join us so that we can spread genuine happiness all around the world.

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We believe that culture is what differentiates a great company from a good company. We have strived to develop a culture that promotes innovation, ethics, customer service, diversity and above all respect for all.


Uniqolabel as a misison was born in December of 2016 , Vikas Jain got  to solve the ever increasing problem for counterfeiting. The company since then has served over a 70+ customers and protected over 5 million products.

Jan 2016

Uniqolabel Blueprint Ready

March 2017

First customer Acquired

May 2017

Android and IOS Arcviss and Uniqolabel apps Launched

December 2017

Acquired 25 Customers

October 2018

Protected 20 Million Products

May 2019

Protected 40 Million Products

June 2019

Acquired 70 Customers

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